Making Headway

Client Spotlight: Making Headway

Client Spotlight: Making Headway

\"MakingEver had a concussion? You may not have realized it at the time, but you were at risk for a traumatic brain injury when you received that concussion. If someone gets multiple concussions in a row, it can cause this type of injury, commonly abbreviated to TBI.

The Eureka-based non-profit Making Headway works with those in Humboldt, Mendocino, and Del Norte counties who have brain injuries by providing counseling services, skills training, transportation, and community integration. They also give away bicycle helmets all year round to those who cannot afford to buy them because it’s a simple way to prevent head injuries and the millions of dollars in treatment they can cause.

For an evening of groaning good fun, Making Headway’s upcoming fundraiser is ready to provide. The 23rd Almost Annual Pun-Off will be on March 1, 2014, at the Arcata Theater Lounge. The tagline says it all: “Disappointment is guaranteed, your actual smileage may vary. Home groan fun since 1977.”

Learn more about Making Headway at their new website