Client spotlight: HumYum Organic Caramels and Sauces

HumYum was born with the intention to bring a touch of sweetness to Humboldt County, California & to the world with healthy and delicious organic, gluten-free desserts. They specialize in organic, gluten-free caramels, caramel sauce, and vegan caramel sauce.

From the very first caramel, they knew that their focus was to provide tasty confections that everyone can feel good about. They source local, organic ingredients and use a small-batch, hand-crafted methodology to create exceptional organic, gluten-free, vegan desserts.

Strategic eMarketing has been providing strategic planning, product development, and tactical marketing planning for HumYum. The marketing plan, customized and developed specifically for HumYum, has brought a 25% increase in sales with no sign of slowing down. We would be happy to discuss how Strategic eMarketing can help your business grow, too!

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facebookinstagramFor more information on our approach, here’s a post that outlines the kind of questions we ask to help direct your individual marketing plan.