Client Spotlight: HealthSPORT

Client Spotlight: HealthSPORT


Growth can be good.

Growth of your waistline, cholesterol level, body mass index: not so good.

Growth of your biceps, triceps, pectorals, quadriceps: good.

Growth of your flexibility and balance: great.

Growth of cardiovascular fitness: excellent.

Growth of your overall sense of health, well-being, and enjoyment of life: fantastic.

Positive growth originates in a positive medium of growth – good soil, as it were.

So where can you grow your physical fitness?

In Humboldt County, the first answer that should come to mind is ‘HealthSPORT.’
HealthSPORT fitness centers are available in Arcata, McKinleyville, Fortuna, Myrtletown, and Old Eureka, so there’s no room for the excuse, ‘It’s too far to go to the gym right now.’

HealthSPORT offers a full array of cardio machines, weight machines, and free weights, as well as a full schedule of classes in yoga, zumba, water aerobics, spin, and CrossFit.

Several of the HealthSPORT locations have swimming pools, where you can swim laps or join a water aerobics class.
Growth of a healthy body also requires healthy nutrition to supply those muscles and organs that you are working out, and HealthSPORT locations offer a delicious and varied selection of beverages and snacks to sustain your workout.

The opposite of growth is entropy, and the opposite of action (the basis of growth) is apathy. So call or visit the HealthSPORT location nearest you today. They are open seven days a week, and their friendly and knowledgeable staff will be glad to see or hear from you.