Client Spotlight: HealthSPORT

Client Spotlight: HealthSPORT


In Humboldt County, HealthSPORT is the fitness club that makes a difference. With five locations across the county, each club offers programs tailored to the city it serves while still offering a core fitness program that you will enjoy.

HealthSPORT is more than just a gym stuffed with equipment. It has the trainers, the class variety, and the programs that are geared specifically to help you reach your fitness goals. You don’t have to face your fitness challenge alone — HealthSPORT can help get you there.

This Humboldt fitness club recently launched two new programs: HSP Fit and Crossfit. The HSP Fit program is designed to give you a workout customized to your fitness level and goals. HSP Fit uses high-intensity interval training so you can spend less time working out and still get results faster. Crossfit is designed to be an intense exercise program at the Arcata club, incorporating power lifting, gymnastics, competitions, and triathlons.

HealthSPORT works with business partners to help their employees get in shape as well as offering memberships to individuals. To learn more about the programs at HealthSPORT, visit or call the club nearest you.