Client Spotlight – Eureka Payments

Just because Eureka Payments may be a new name in the business community does not mean it or its principal officers are new to the the services they provide.  All three – Ken Musante, Steve Kimberling, and Scott Bartlett – worked together as officers of Humboldt Merchant Services, which was founded in 1993 and acquired by an out-of-town corporation in 2008.  All three were also so valued in their roles for the company that they were retained by the new owners, carrying forward the services offered until they could provide those services under their own sobriquet.

Those services are belied by their new company’s name, however.  Payment processing in the sense of Eureka Payments includes every possible component of payment arrangements and corollary merchant services necessary for commercial activity in the 21st century.  The 30 years experience they bring to the merchant processing industry ensures a level of expertise and specialization which can be explored during a merchant consultation.

Implementation and subsequent support are as expertise-driven as the initial consultation.  All manner of payments are possible as appropriate: standard point-of-sale (POS) card swipes, eCommerce (internet) transactions, mobile (smart phone) transactions, off-shore processing, government agencies, and direct response sales.  Eureka Payments can provide these, including the necessary technology (POS terminals and eCommerce gateways), along with the most attractive rates available in today’s merchant services industry.

Once upon a time, it was often said, on a small handwritten sign by the cash register, “Cash or Checks Only.”  In the fiercely competitive marketplace of the 21st century, that approach is not a pathway to success, and to that sign, all merchants should consider the addendum, “For everything else, see Eureka Payments.”