Auburn Fit 1 Gym

Client Spotlight — Auburn Fit1

Client Spotlight — Auburn Fit1


Auburn Fit1 is the fitness center that can truly help you become the fit one you imagine as you. Take that image to Auburn Fit1 and work on it — by working out with their skilled and attentive trainers, by elevating your heart rate and your mood in a Zumba class, by burning calories while spinning pedals, or by sculpting the new you from the old with free weights and cardio machines.

Fitness is an ongoing process requiring regular effort. That’s why Auburn Fit1 is open 24/7. No matter what your work schedule or biorhythm, you can find time to go to the gym, because your gym is always available — if you make Auburn Fit1 your gym. A wide variety of classes are available to make your pursuit of fitness a social experience, if you so desire. From cycling to Zumba, alphabetically. With yoga for stress relief as well as strength and flexibility training and spinning for intensive cardio training in a highly motivated group environment.

If you prefer to pursue your fitness goals alone, you can find the optimum time in any 24-hour day to come in for a quick workout or an extensive fitness regimen all by yourself. Come in to see their friendly staff today, for a tour of the new facility and to sign up for your own opportunity to achieve a new you.