Business Resource Spotlight — Sequoia Personnel

Business Resource Spotlight — Sequoia Personnel

\"SequoiaEvery noteworthy business ultimately consists of more than one person, and that is when personnel becomes a component of the business operations — toward which abundant energy is expended. Having staff members who are qualified, capable, and dependable is essential to day-to-day business. Having an outside resource to ensure that all personnel positions are appropriately filled is of immeasurable value to business owners and managers.

As a company with the motto, “The Right Person Every Time, Guaranteed,” Sequoia Personnel ( is just that sort of valuable resource for employers and employees in Humboldt County. They are the only locally owned and operated employment agency in Humboldt County, and provide such excellent personnel placement that many of the temp employees they place are ultimately hired full-time.

The marriage of employer and employee is only one of the many services they provide to employers. Sequoia Personnel also take care of payroll — they can aid an employer in meeting requisite payroll regulations and efficiently pay your staff. To ensure that employees are neither underpaid (increasing their likelihood to leave) nor overpaid (decreasing the success of the business), Sequoia Personnel can also conduct salary surveys that reflect industry averages for any given position.

No marriage is perfect, and that of employer and employee is certainly no exception. However, Sequoia Personnel can also provide expert Human Resources consulting to expedite solutions to personnel-related problems.

As Liana Simpson, president, and Bud Simpson, vice president, like to say, “putting us on your team is like hiring a complete Human Resources department, a top search firm with a proven track record, and a bookkeeping service with all of the expertise on an on-call basis!”