Sequoia Personnel Services

Business Resource Spotlight: Sequoia Personnel Services

Business Resource Spotlight: Sequoia Personnel Services

\"SequoiaAs the only locally owned and managed personnel service in Humboldt County, Eureka-based Sequoia Personnel Services Inc. should bubble to the top of all local businesses’ lists for prospective personnel service resources. As expertise is the ultimate criterion for selecting any professional service, rest assured that Sequoia Personnel Services also has the substance to warrant its selection as your HR “go to.”

They can provide hiring, payroll, job description, and pay scale assistance, and they even offer full turn-key operation. Their expertise is perhaps most profitably applied in their Management and Human Resources consulting services. Failing to meet all the legal requirements in hiring and firing can have uncalculated consequences for a business and its profit margin. Eliminating an ineffective employee may be seen as a cost savings, but if it leads to lengthy legal battles, the intended net gain may be eclipsed by the consequent legal and administrative expenses.

Sequoia Personnel Services can advise regarding all the nuances of employee management: advising specifically on internal affairs with staff, helping owners to create a staffing map, and training supervisors to be more effective. One cost-saving tactic they are adept at implementing is the combining of tasks with higher skilled candidates.

As company President Liana Simpson put it, “We like to say that putting us on your team is like hiring a complete Human Resources Department.” For the small to mid-sized company that can’t afford the payroll of a Human Resources Department (and the large company whose own Human Resources Department is challenged by especially intricate challenges), the consulting services of Sequoia Personnel Services are an excellent investment in long term productivity and profitability.