3 Strategic eMarketing Tactics for 2015


3 Strategic eMarketing Tactics for 2015


\"sem-prim1214-02\"Marketing is defined as producing conditions favorable to a sale. This fundamental business activity is an essential step in the sales process. As business owners, we need prospects to say “Tell me more” so we can move them through the sales conversation. It is essential that the return on investment is measurable and appropriate for the channel and the spend. Tracking this can be achieved by landing pages and phone call tracking.

There are trends and fads in marketing, like all parts of our culture, this unavoidable. Fads or trends that produce results for your business are the important ones. I have focused on 3 of the many trends that are relevant and actionable for 2015.


Mobile Marketing
Nearly 65% of the U.S. population now owns a smartphone and there was $83 billion in mobile commerce sales in this country in 2014 (statista.com). Mobile devices have become the computer of choice for many of us to check email, browse the web, research products and services, communicate and shop.

Updating your web site to have a responsive website in 2015 is a user driven mandate. A web site is responsive when it provides optimal viewing across the widest range of devices possible. However, it really goes beyond your website. A mobile focus ensures your marketing strategy will be relevant in 2015 and reach people in the manner they are searching for information. If you have developed great content, but are not able to deliver through the mobile web, there is no ROI.

Over half of all mobile searches lead to a purchase. (Rocket Post). That means it is essential to allocate the time and money necessary to ensure your site is responsive, current in design and has a few calls to action to maximize your investment in your web site./


Personalization is about utilizing data from your analytics to better understand your target audience, customers and responding with targeted messages and content that is personalized to their needs at the exact time of need. The focus is to improve the client’s experience and produce a mood of 1 on 1 conversation, instead of a mass mailing. Use autoresponders and A/B testing based on your analytics to produce content that is personalized.


Analog marketing tactics make a comeback
While analog tactics don’t make splashy headlines like digital tactics some of the traditional tactics can still produce an impressive Return on Investment. These are postcards, printed brochures and booklets that are deep dives into complicated topics. Start testing again with direct mail and print ads/brochures on a small scale to see how your prospects respond.

The importance of strategic marketing is that the time and money allocated to marketing produces the biggest return on investment possible. That allows your business to reinvest in product development, human capital and more marketing. Which then will support your business growing into 2016.