1 Minute Marketing- The value of a content calendar

\"sem-1min-0515-db\"As we’ve talked about before it is very important for every company to be online. When you’re marketing your company online, you want to draw your potential customers in by giving them what they want. Online users have learned to block out the advertisements they don’t want to see, so by showing them what they enjoy you can easily draw them in and put yourself ahead of the competition.

This means having a blog, social media and some sort of newsletter with content that relates you to your potential and current customers. When trying to keep up with this type of content, you can start to feel overwhelmed. How can you keep coming up with relevant and new information month after month?

With our clients, we keep a yearly content calendar. The layout of the spreadsheet we use is very simple with a row of the next twelve months and another row for ideas. A content calendar makes looking and planning ahead a lot less stressful. We can think about the holidays, events and other things going on each month that will make our content we send out more enjoyable for the readers.

For example, if you are a gym or health center, you can look at the holidays going on each month that your potential clients are indulging during and use those events to convince people following your company online that they can move past all of the candy eggs or holiday cookies they are currently enjoying and get back into the swing of working out and getting fit for summer.

If you’re ready to keep your ideas organized and improve your future content, put together a simple content calendar in a Word document or a spreadsheet. If you would like assistance keeping your content interesting, reach out to us at Strategic eMarketing.