1 Minute Marketing: Email Marketing.. does it work?


You may be skeptical about direct mail and wonder if email marketing still works. The answer is yes, it does! Email marketing is still on one of the most effective forms of marketing it works if you follow some fundamental guidelines.

There are a few common issues you will face with email marketing. These are open and click through rate with your emails. Odds are, you have become accustomed to deleting junk and company emails. Even if it is a newsletter you signed up for, you may still delete it because you just don’t have the time to read it! That’s why it’s important to remember two things: don’t worry about low percentages and always create good content that you can reuse.

There are a few practices you can use to keep your engagement and open rate as high as possible. Most of these tips have to do with the copy of your email. Especially, the text your recipient sees before even opening the email. Yes, we are talking about the subject line! It is so important to make your subject line catchy and engaging. This way your reader will open the email or at least save it until they have time to read later. Your first few lines of your email copy should also be very catchy so your reader will be excited to keep reading.

Finally, your email should look creatively simple and professional. Although a creative design will help you stand out, sometimes it can get in the way of your content. Going with a design that shows off your brand while still staying simple and professional is the best way to go with you email design. This way your email is nice to look at and easy to read.

With everything else in online marketing the content is the most important part of your email. Make sure you are providing high quality content just like you would on your social media, blog or even a one on one conversation with your client.

Keeping all of this in mind you can send your email list great emails that will receive great results. The answer to your initial question, “Does email marketing work?” is simply yes, when it does right.