1 Minute Marketing — 3 Top Reasons Social Media Users Stop Following Your Brand

1 Minute Marketing — 3 Top Reasons Social Media Users Stop Following Your Brand


The internet user is a fickle beast, especially when it comes to social media marketing. Whether your business is local to Eureka CA or serves an international audience, you should be providing content for your followers and fans — finding just the right balance between marketing and engagement.

But have you ever logged in to find that several people have dropped the social connection to your brand? To understand why you have been unfollowed, you should first know what motivates most people to follow your updates in the first place: mainly, it’s because they want to find out about special deals and offers from your brand.

If you’ve been providing those sorts of posts, along with engaging questions and shareable information, why would your followers abandon you? According to a recent study from SocialVibe, these are the top three reasons users ended a social connection with a brand:

  1. The brand posted too many updates (33%)
  2. The values and/or content of the brand was different than the user’s original perception (22%)
  3. The user didn\’t see any value in remaining connected to the brand (19%)

About one-third chose to end the connection because the brand posted too many updates. But how many is too many? This is relatively subjective, and what social media platform you are using matters.

The key is to not flood an individual’s timeline with posts from your brand all at once. Effective Facebook e marketing strategies will often leave an hour or more between posts (not including responses to comments), but Twitter posts can be closer together, as people post more frequently on that platform than they do on other sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.

What strategies for e-marketing and internet marketing can you use to prevent over posting? Using a social media scheduling tool such as Hootsuite lets you write all your social media posts ahead of time, and then schedule them throughout the day, week or month. This not only saves you time, but it also prevents a flood of posts from irritating your followers.