3 Mistakes Not to Make in Marketing

3 Mistakes Not to Make in Marketing: Part 1

We\’ve been working with clients and their digital marketing campaigns for over 11 years and we’ve seen a lot of mistakes. There are three primary mistakes that people make with their outsourced marketing team.

The number one mistake is not being responsive to content creation and getting that content approved for distribution. There are lots of reasons why you need content in digital marketing. You need it for SEO, you need it for social media and you need it for customer education, just to name a few. So it\’s a big mistake to sit on content just because it\’s not 100% perfect or you\’re letting it wait until you have enough time to get to it. The speed of business is quick. The speed of content development needs to be just as quick.

Sometimes the marketing team doesn\’t hit the topic perfectly. It\’s better to just hit it with a quick red line and say, please revise this section and please revise that section. Please don\’t focus on this topic or subtopic, but focus more on this other topic. And that way dynamic changes are happening to the content.

The second mistake that I see from clients and past clients is a lack of attention to their KPIs. They don’t seem willing to dig in on a monthly basis and say, “Hey, we\’re getting a lot of content out but we\’re not getting a lot of leads”, or “we\’re getting a lot of leads but the sales team is not able to close those leads”. Or “why are the visits down? Why are pay-per-click acquisition numbers down?” It is a lack of desire to learn enough to ask the right questions of the outside agency. 

The third biggest mistake that I see from clients and past clients is a lack of desire to change the marketing spend. In a super dynamic world of digital marketing, there are new competitors coming into your space constantly. There are new avenues to reach people. If you\’re going to keep the same spend or decrease the spend on your marketing, then that\’s going to negatively affect your capacity to make sales. So, if you tie together the marketing spend with the KPIs and you are quick to respond to content as it\’s developed, you\’re going to have a winning marketing strategy with your outside agency.